Physician Education and Scholarship Center

Physician Education Center

The Physician Education Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the transfer of medical related knowledge to aspiring and current medical students. It is our mission to disseminate health information to these students hence guiding them in the right paths helping them to navigate the United States medical education system while also making them aware of the social and health issues related to healthcare in the United States of America.




 US Healthcare Issues

 The National Institute of Health

 Student Resources

» Physician Shortage

» CDC recognizes women in science...Read More

» Healthcare Disparities

» Current U.S. Health Issues

The National Institute of Health is the most recognized medical agency in the U.S.  The NIH utilizes Clinical Trials, Science Education, as well as various programs to improve the health of the nation.  They also have programs designed for medical students and graduates.


»Scholarship Information

Develop a plan on how to apply for US Medical School

Learning Methods for US and International Medical Schools

» Medical College Admission Test Information

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